SA Booksearch is a professional tool used by booksellers, publishers and libraries in South Africa, and customised for the South African territory. It provides a unique source of timely, accurate and comprehensive information for 27.8 million English titles, multi-media publications and titles uniquely published and represented in South Africa.

This, together with real-time supplier data, as received from the SA-Distributors and -Publishers, and the Bookscan SA sales ranking, provides an unequalled discovery tool for books in South Africa.

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Search by a range of criteria including ISBN, Title, Invalid ISBN, Publisher Reference Codes, Series Title and Publisher/Distributor or Imprint code and Name. A search result will give you information on: ISBN, Title, Author, Page Size, Weight, Description, Publisher and Distributor details, as well as the price in South African rands. Search functions include quick find, bulk search and more.

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Add SA titles

Form to request us to add SA available titles if you are unable to find them on our website

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Find Publishers

Save time looking for contact details of publishers and suppliers of books

SAPnet Nielsen BookData

Weekly Reports from Bookscan SA

Receive an indicator of weekly bestsellers, which can be applied to any set of results.

SAPnet Nielsen BookData

Real-time Supplier Data

Receive real-time supplier data from participating SA distributors and publishers.